Reclaimed Wood Floorboards

Beautifully bespoke

Reclaimed Floorboards

Our reclaimed wood floorboards come in many styles and colours, from rustic oak to antique pine.


Each of these floorboards come with their own unique stories, and offer the chance to add something unique to your home.


So, whatever style you are looking for, we have something that is sure to suit you.


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reclaimed oak flooring
kitchen reclaimed flooring

The Reclamation Process

The reclamation process can be a long one, but it is certainly something that is worthwhile. 


Our team search far and wide for the right reclaimed wood flooring, ensuring its quality is up to our high standards. And when they discover the right batch, our quality checks can begin.


We ensure that any scuffs are buffed out and that a protective varnish is added to all of our flooring. This way, you can be sure that your new floorboards are set to last a lifetime. 

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